Imagine you are a three person startup with a fantastic idea, working prototype, killer business plan and some seed funding in the bank. As you search around for office space you run into common blocks for many small companies such as long-term leases and spending too much time on the search itself. You need to be focused on growing your business, not wasting your time figuring out where to work.

If you have excess office space to PivotDesk, keep the above scenario in mind. Now imagine a scene in which that Startup founder sees a list of companies, their culture and an overview of their business as well as a descriptoin of the excess space available. She can easily pickout the combination of Host company fit plus her office space needs and feel good that the arrangement is flexible and in the interest of both her and the Host company.

An improved experience that enables Host companies to easily PivotDesk their excess space for free was launched on Thu Jan 24th. This easy to understand, step by step process, guides you through uploading your excess office space including how much to charge, what type of photos to add and how to describe your company culture and space.

We hope you find the new experience easy to use and helpful in understanding how PivotDesk works. As always, we want to hear from you with ideas to make things better, questions and help.


About Kelly Taylor

Kelly thinks about the pain Startup Founders go through to find office space, how to monetize remnant assets and the marketplace dynamics that make PivotDesk work.