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BTDT: An Interview With The B2B Growth Show on How Scaling Back Helped us Grow 300%

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
31 May 2016

Last year, we shared with you how our decision to scale back our sales efforts to focus primarily on the NYC market ultimately led us to grow our revenue by 300% in a matter of months. That experience allowed us to learn a tremendous amount about our capabilities as a company, as well as the […]

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BTDT: Boxing, Startups and the Kickoff of Founder Fights, Presented by FullContact

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
17 May 2016

“All I wanna do is go the distance. And if I can go that distance…seeing that bell ring and I’m still standing, then I’ll know for the first time in my life, that I weren’t just another bum from the neighborhood.” – Rocky Balboa What the hell am I doing? I’m a grown man. I […]

BTDT Short: As a Founder/CEO, ‘Badass’ Is the Last Thing I’m Interested in Being

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
09 Feb 2016

I frequently talk about the struggle of being the Founder/CEO of a startup. The stress around decisions. The risk of the bets. The weight of the thing, all on your shoulders, 24/7, whether you’re working, walking, waiting or wailing. Those that don’t know, laugh a bit, or brush it off with a self-righteous admonishment along […]

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BTDT: Nobody gives a sh*t what you do…until you show them why they should

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
09 Nov 2015

Or… How to pitch your business the right way. What’s the biggest lie in business? That people actually care what you do. Let’s be real. If you’ve started a business or are running a business, you’re the one that believes in it. The general public, not so much… at least until you give them a […]

BTDT: Why I actively reject the idea that winners never quit and quitters never win

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
21 Oct 2015

As children, the idea that quitters never win helps power our drive and teaches us to fight weakness. As adults (and in business), we experience the contrary. It affects our drive but can incite weakness as a result. As entrepreneurs, it’s ingrained in our systems — for better or for worse. On the positive side, the “I’m […]

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BTDT: From scramble to structure – How we optimized our sales process for predictability and tripled output

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
08 Oct 2015

Building directly on our last #BTDT post, I want to take a deep dive into the strategy that had the most impact on getting us up and out of the plateau we were stuck in: Optimizing our sales strategy for predictability. And I want you to hear it from the horse’s mouth. You see, I […]

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BTDT: Focus is your friend – How we increased revenue 300% by ignoring everything we possibly could

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
21 Sep 2015

Let’s start with a big admission: I’ve neglected you… purposefully. When we launched the ‘Been There, Done That’ series, I promised you regular insights into our business — and then I pulled the plug. It was a tough decision. Blog traffic was up 416% and the feedback on our content was extremely positive… but as […]

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BTDT: How a high valuation could actually run your business into the ground

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
19 Nov 2014

In my first #BeenThere post I gave you a real time look at the most difficult decision I’ve had to make as a Startup CEO. I shared it while it was very fresh — so much so that we were still experiencing the aftershocks as a team. The response was intense. Many of you reached […]

BTDT: The most difficult decision I’ve made as PivotDesk CEO

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
22 Oct 2014

When we launched the #BeenThere series we promised to be candid and transparent. We promised to focus on the less than sexy stuff that actually impacts our success and yours. Why? So that we can all STOP solving the same problems separately and leverage each other’s experiences instead. When we promised that, we had not […]

BTDT: Let’s cut the BS

by David Mandell in BTDT, Entrepreneurship
19 Sep 2014

“Your panel has over 650 people registered and we only have room for 150,” our PR team reported. 650?!  We were 500 over capacity for a Denver Startup Week panel we hadn’t even actively promoted. 500 people we had to turn away at the door. Now, I’m always surprised to see even a few people […]